sioree mode 2003 - at street level.
Friday, August 15, 2003
Head count for the bbq is 10-15. and its potluck so everyone is expected to bring something, but i think us s-moders should be in charge of the basics. so here's what we'll need.

cooler. - mike

ice. -nate

radio. -nate

lawn chairs. -

hot dogs. - mike

buns. - mike

drinks. -nate

chips. - mike

everyone, feel free to edit this post and put your name next to what you'll be bringing. and feel free to add stuff on the list if you think it's necessary. wow i'm getting excited just thinking about this. jess, lets go shopping sat. afternoon. i'll give you a call.

and to all the raiders fans- niners are the worst team in the bay and will forever be the worst team in the bay. so take your awesome skills back to oakland. NINERS BABY are WHACK!!
(re-edited by mike dauz, raider fan.)
-Anonymous [e] [b]
1:47 AM

yO? So the BBQ is on?.. hmm.. does anyone know the total of peeps gonna be there? Anyone down to go shopping with me for all that stuff? People give me a call... let me know?!?
Oh yeah, anyone know wassup with Xanga. I can't seem to log in or get the page to come up... anyway, let me know... peace out

OH YEAH! MY FRIEND IS HAVING A PARTY ON THE 30TH, YOUR ALL WELCOMED TO COME. I WANT U GUYS THERE!... PLUS.. FREE ALCOHOL... and with the way things are right now... I'LL BE NEEDED ALL THE SHIT I CAN GET! GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys.... i need you
-Jessica [e] [b]
1:25 AM

genius on figuring out the 4 card. I totally remember that card now.. but when you're drunk you ask the most funniest questions.
-mdauz [e] [b]
12:19 AM

Thursday, August 14, 2003
nate, i think your idea of the circle of death is WAYYYYY better. Hope to see you guys at the picnic. Battle of the bay is tonight..woot woot. GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Charlene [e] [b]
6:47 AM

i decided to do some research on different variations of circle of death. the last time we played was a drag, so i found some ideas on how to make the flow of the game better and more enjoyable. the changes are in bold.

ace- social. everyone takes a swig.

2- player takes two swigs.

3- player takes three swigs.

4- questions. pick a player of your choice and ask them a question. that player must respond with a question and so on and so on. the player who screws up must take a swig.

5- distribute five swigs to any players.

6- rule. player is allowed to add a rule to the game that everyone must follow. for every time a rule is broken, that player must take a swig.

7- thumb. player can put their thumb down on the table anytime during the game. last player to put their thumb down takes a swig.

8- waterfall- everyone continously drinks. the person who draws the 8 is allowed to stop whenever he/she wants to. when that person stops, the player to the right is allowed to stop. then the
next player to the right is allowed to stop and so on and so on.

9- rhyme. player says a word and each player must rhyme that word. the player who messes up takes a swig.

10- category. player chooses a category and everyone must give a kind. the player who messes up takes a swig.

jack- all guys drink.

queen- all girls drink.

king- first three kings pour into community cup. fourth kings downs the cup.

if we play it this way, the game will be a lot faster and we don't have to sit around and think so hard about 'truth' questions, dares or who to make out with. so i say we give it a try. who's with me?
-Anonymous [e] [b]
3:18 AM

Wednesday, August 13, 2003
the sioreemode bbq will go on as planned everyone. and it's pot luck so bring food. lots of it. it will be at brigadoon park on saturday 8/16 at 5pm. hope to see you there.
-Anonymous [e] [b]
8:46 PM

Tuesday, August 12, 2003
So i'm starting a fantasy football league. I have never done any type of fantasy anything so this is going to be a little difficult but fun i hope. I also hope this shit ain't bupkis.

the ID# is 186476 and the Password is cameltoe.

.hope you guys sign up. peace
-mdauz [e] [b]
12:16 AM