sioree mode 2003 - at street level.
Saturday, August 02, 2003
wow, its been so frickin long since i last blogged, but not to worry, i'm still part of Sioreemode! Japan is a great place to be everyone! Specially if you're stuck in a Marine Corps base with well...guys! Haha, yup, the flight over here might have been 12 hours long, and the weather might be unbeareably hot and humid, but to see all those Marines in uniform on a daily basis, well, it's all well worth it! Just kiddin, it's not just the guys, it's also the beaches, the people, the stores, and the fact that there is no legal drinking age...can't see over the counter, sorry, we don't sell you licor. I'm taking scuba diving and japanese clases hopefully soon, and my roommate is the nicest. Did i mention i'm going out with the cutest half Puerto Rican, half black guy ever? Yeah, life is good here on the East, all i need are my sioreemode friends and it would be perfect...
-Isabel [e] [b]
9:08 PM

Wednesday, July 30, 2003
hahaha don't start any bbq until i get back..make it the weekend of Aug 11..cuz i'll be back..yea? miss you guys.
-Charlene [e] [b]
7:43 PM

Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Jessica and I. The green Thumb Army. Are trying to get a sioreemode bbq going. so if everyone could please let me know their availiblities for this weekend and next i should be able to get everything organized. and we'll have nate pay for everything and cook everything. sound fair? i think it does. me loves you all.
-mdauz [e] [b]
5:36 PM