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Thursday, March 27, 2003

Well supposedly I was "10-15" minutes late.. but i doubt that.. Apparently Gary the head honcho was there also.. so maybe that had someone to do with... OH YEAH! WE HIRED A NEW GUY!... WE are hiring non-stop... SO IKAN.. IF U WANNA WORK THERE GIVE THEM A CALL ABOUT YOUR APP... I mentioned your name today.. and the said they havent started going through the apps... but they are hiring for everything... bussers, hosts,and servers... so give it a try... it's worth a shot... alright guys.. im out... have fun at backbeat if you all are going... oh and at Mission Rock... its gonna be raining in mexico. =\... byebye guys.....
-Jessica [e] [b]
6:59 PM

Dang, Jess....he did that for a lousy 7 minutes? Man o I really want to go back? Hah. Anyhow, Mike, if you could take that stupid hater-poster's bullshit off the tagboard, it'd be much appreciated. People are such idiots nowadays. It'd be nice to brush it off, but when someone uses your bf's name to diss and hate on you, that's when it irritates the fuck out of me. I'm guessing this post was done a day or two ago, and I was with my bf both of those days and plus, he doesn't even know the site. Anyhow, I don't know who's doing this shit, but I don't care to know either. Still, it's be nice not to have it on our site, since online hating and stupid online wars aren't what Sioree is about. So yea, if you could Mike, that'd be much appreciated. Ugh, it just irritates me. Sorry for the vent, guys. Otherwise, everything's seemingly going A-OK. Hope ya'll are doing just as good or better. Are we gonna meet up Sioree-style for Mission Rock? Gimme a holla....later gators
-Krissie [e] [b]
11:03 AM

Wednesday, March 26, 2003
Hey guys! What's up with that hater? hmmm... I was able to finish most of my cancun shopping yesterday... Thanks to Mr. Gm Xavier.. who happened to send me home from work because I was 7 MINUTES LATE!!!!!!! 7 MINUTES~! anyways, nate i think im done... but i'll let u know by thursday..k? oh yeah i got hussled into a new phone... so i have a new number... Give to you all later.. alright im out.. byebye guys...
-Jessica [e] [b]
8:13 PM

Tuesday, March 25, 2003's THAT time. I'm not gonna go into the crimson tide details, but I better be allllll good by Sunday or ELSE! Haha. So what's the plan for Mission Rock, ya'll? We're all fo sho on the guestlist, so if anyone's going, let's arrange rides or whatnot...well, whoever of us has a car now, that
-Krissie [e] [b]
12:50 AM

Sunday, March 23, 2003
ok so it's been a while since i've blogged. I'm still settling into my new job at hampton and knowing that i'm no longer employed at red robin. I miss working there...but it's ok i gotta do what i gotta do. It was fun while it still lasted. So ikan..your car!! your precious car!!! The car that i jock!!! The royal blue pimp car!!! I'm so sorry about your car. (jon says hi) If guys have blue girls have blue coochie??!! Mission rock?!! Is everyone down?? Hey nate, Reena is coming!! lol
-Charlene [e] [b]
6:44 PM