sioree mode 2003 - at street level.
Saturday, March 01, 2003
check it...

1)i would probably look like me with long hair. the same attributes that make who i am... short, dark with a set of strong legs. heheh. i don't know what my clothing style would be, but i would own LOTS of denim skirts. yes, denim skirts are off the hook. personality wise, i would probably be the loudmouth drama queen flirtatious type. as for guys, i would take the shy types only because i know i would take control... you know, wear the pants in the relationship. but i don't want to get too deep into it. it's just for a day.

2)its pretty tough to jack off when cousin geoffrey is sleeping in the same room as i am. so the opportunity for self pleasure comes sparingly. but when i do masturbate, i think of jessica. and she knows it too. luv ya girl!

3)a few things in my life have haunted me with guilt, and they each have to do with not giving people a chance. the close relationships i've had that have ended on bad terms was because i had too much pride. i didn't want to look like the fool and say "i'm sorry". now all i can do is look back and ponder what could have happened, and that hurts a lot.

4)24 hours to live... i wouldn't tell anybody. i would just live the day like any other day, but i would try to hang out with everyone i know on a one on one basis and act like everything is normal. i don't want people to act any different knowing that it is my last day to live, so i would just keep it to myself.

5)jon. he's been there since day one, so it wouldn't be a problem to see him every day for the rest of my life. i love you jon.

6)krissie. that way, i would get naked and stare at myself in the mirror all day.
-Anonymous [e] [b]
12:34 AM

Friday, February 28, 2003
Alright so it's Friday and y'all know what that means!!!! Time for the FRIDAY 5!!! But since this weeks questions are going to the man who started it all, we thought we'd make it special and change the rules a little and make it the FRIDAY 6.... so we all got our questions in... Here we go....Nate you ready?

1) If you were to be a girl for a day, describe what you would look like, your personality, and the type of guys you would jock.

2)How many times do you masturbate in a week and what goes through your mind when you SPANK the monkey?

3)If you could undo one thing in your life that has haunted you with guilt, what would it be?

4) If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?

5) If you were on a stranded on desert island, out of the people you knew personally, choose one person you would want to be with on the island. Explain.

6) If you were given the chance to trade bodies and the life with another Sioreemode member, who would it be and why?


Krissie!!! I just heard about the accident!! I'm so sorry about it..ARe you ok? If you need anything don't be afraid to call..take care and feel better if you have any aches!
-Jessica [e] [b]
12:52 AM

Thursday, February 27, 2003
dammit krissie, why do you have to get into an accident that alters this weekend festivities and the 'already set' hampton schedule- even though it changes everyday. i'm kidding. to show my condolences, i shall visit you with KING EGG ROLL- and no, its not the one off of Berryessa- it's the New and Improved story road king egg roll- bigger and better with TABLES finally. but yeah- tell me what u want and i'll give it to you- food wise. thanks
-jayarea [e] [b]
11:46 AM

Ok. since recent events have occured and krissie is unable to host an exclusive sioreemode reunion. I have opened my apartment for friday night. Does any one want to make the drive? just let me know.. also..
tomorrow is nate's friday five.. so if everyone could email me one question they'd like to ask nate email me at that'll be greatly appreciated.

ps. krissie did u lube up ur body? trust me aspercreme works wonders.
-mdauz [e] [b]
10:45 AM

Tuesday, February 25, 2003
Sorry guys. didn't know about last saturday.. and i am down for a friday sioreemode reunion. im guessing its at the usual hang out spot and the usual time.. and I HAVE a huge handle of smirnoff vodka so that should take care of that..

click this
its some trippy ass mind ready thing. that works for some fucking reason. and im trying to figure out a logical reason why it wokrs
-mdauz [e] [b]
12:20 AM

Monday, February 24, 2003
It was great seeing you guys on Saturday night, even if it were only for a few reunion...hehe. But where were you, Mike???? Lol,'s all good. If all goes well, we'll be kicking it together (almost complete) this Friday. I'm way looking forward to it. Anyhooters, work sucks...Jon and I can attest to it. As soon as everything gets settled, my butt will be outta there! Hah, nah, I dunno if I could totally abandon the hotel right now, because I'd feel super-guilty. However, if a better opportunity comes my way, don't expect me to turn it down...woot-woot! Well, I'm out for now...peace out-side!
-Krissie [e] [b]
2:23 PM

Analie is leaving today and she's going to be flying out tomorrow to texas! So what's going on this weekend everyone? I've been hearing that we're gonna get wasted at someone's house...Oh and nate, remember our "DREAM"
-Charlene [e] [b]
12:08 PM