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Friday, February 21, 2003
Last night I saw a shooting star, and I wished that today I may be the focus of friday five. Wishes do come true and regardless of the fact that it was going to be my turn anyways since nate wasn't going to ask himself 5 questions is besides the point.

1.) Hot damn, would i like to look like a man who scares little children, or to sound like a little child. Ever since mike tyson got his new tattoo that made his silly looking face look more like a serial rapist, Id have to choose to sound like mike tyson. Now only if i was buff like mike tyson then i be confident and not care too much about my new silly voice. Cause if i am the way i am right now and sounded like mike tyson my ass would be laughed at and might get a few beatings here and there from straight men and maybe even some backdoor beatings from gay men.

2.) Due to contract agreements made by my current sponsor, Tampax®, I am not at liberty to discuss other product endorsements at this time. But what i am able to do is talk about my current relationship with Tampax®. If you haven't seen the new line of ads click here I believe that picture alone should let you know why I want to endorse Tampax. This company has been kind to me ever since I joined there company back when i reached puberty. The lovely ladies of Tampax® have provided me with a lifetime supply of tampons and other feminine products. Thank you corporate America.

3.) Wow this one is going to be a long answer. I got too fucked to remember anything from LMU and i do nothing in Emeryville. Thank you Next question.

Im joking, at LMU i had a great time, got to experience the college life of being on my own, cleaning my own room and having no curfew. I basically would wake up at 10am go to class. get back around 3pm pretend to do hwk and then drink and play PS2 everyday. then occasionally the nightly smoke session. then thursday night - sund night have fun again. And basically hang out with different friends till 4-5am and sleep. O i dont' want to sound like all i did was get fucked up. i had many all nighters where i programmed and nights where i did hwk. But now at Emeryville Im loving it in terms of school, I do what i love and i sit in front of a computer allllll day and I have no real hwk just fun projects. many of you know i stay here late night hours and the occasionally sleep over (even though i live 4 minutes away). Before Id smoke twice a day but now that i quit I just go to the occassional happy hour scene at this pool bar near my house. 1.50 drinks. The big plus side is im closer to san jose, the bad side is as much as i love my thunderbird, its gas consumption and the sight and smell of smoke worries me when i make that 43 minute drive to san jose.

4.) People should know this, I'd go to happy hour! ive recently made an agreement with my mother where she said she'd start payin for my gas, so happy hour here i come. Would you mind making it $6.00 the extra dollar will help me get 4 pints instead of 3 pints and 2 quaters that i'd probably give as tip. See with 3 pints and no money left over id be able to give a smile and a wink as my tip.

5.) Not yet. I say that because those girls of Disney had better hurry up and turn 18.
-mdauz [e] [b]
1:39 PM

friday five goes to mike.

1.)would you rather look like mike tyson or sound like mike tyson?

2.)name the product you want to endorse.

3.)compare and contrast your life in lmu to your life in emeryville. what did you do for fun there, and what do you do now?

4.)you have five bucks in your pocket. would you go to happy hour or fuel your car?

5.)do you have a criminal record? if so, explain.

so i've done five questions for every member so far. someone's gotta do five for me next week. discuss amongst yourselves how you plan to humiliate me. oh yeah, my letter to maria is in the mail.
-Nate [e] [b]
1:45 AM

Thursday, February 20, 2003
im still here just waiting word on who's house we gonna party at. You guys are always welcome here at emeryville if you want to make the drive, the alcohol will be plentiful and the porn and kung fu will be shown non-stop.

Also, from what ive been hearing about maria. Im writing my letter tonight since i have no hwk. id bet it make her day for her to hear from us. so lets all write a letter.
-mdauz [e] [b]
4:25 PM

hahaha... jessica, you were thinking the exact same thing thas been on my mind too. where is everyone? shiet. ok guys, lets do a lil somethin somethin this week. movies... a party... an intellectual debate... save the rainforest... whatever. lets jes do somethin, ya feel me? well, all i gotta say is that im definately down to see mr. timberlake... that fool is my hero.
-jonathan [e] [b]
1:31 AM

Wednesday, February 19, 2003
ALRIGHT!!!!!! THAT'S ENOUGH!!!! WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYONE? I swear everyone fell off the face of the earth! one person leaves? the tribe disbands? what's that about? Ok, well maybe I'm bored here at school... but this does really really SUCK!... URHG! just venting!

Anyone down to go to the Justin Timberlake and Christina concert?
-Jessica [e] [b]
7:17 PM

Tuesday, February 18, 2003
i like to chat sometimes.

Imakrispyone (11:42:49 PM): just responding to your earlier comment, dunkhead
dj aylo408 (11:43:05 PM): shut up buttface..ur slow
dj aylo408 (11:44:12 PM): see
dj aylo408 (11:44:25 PM): i wonder what u are doing right now
Imakrispyone (11:44:26 PM): well, i'm EATING
dj aylo408 (11:44:42 PM): o shit...u answered in 1 second
dj aylo408 (11:44:49 PM): ...dam ur fast- u read my mind
-jayarea [e] [b]
12:39 AM