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Saturday, February 15, 2003
Hey Nate....I wanna sell some stuff..shoot, if ya'll have seen my room, you guys can attest to me having a whole crapload of stuff. What time's the garage sale going on? And where's Firl's house? Yeah, and anyhow, Jess...thanks for the news about Maria! I miss her sooo much so I'll be sure to write her asap. Hope everyone's doing great....I've been alright lately. A bit lethargic and tired all the time, busy with work, school, and the boo-boo, but I'm hanging in there. And I really hope to see you guys soon. It's been awhile!!!!!!
-Krissie [e] [b]
6:55 PM

Wow I made the Friday Five! a.O.k.. let's get started...

1) Am I the onle one not frustrated with Red Robin? that's gonna be a big NEGATIVE!! Man! It sucks! it's not fun anymore! Hours suck! Customers seems to get ghetto-er everyday, tips suck. just sucks.. everytime i walk in there i wish i hadn't. I guess im just dealing with it. It's like one of those relationships where u can't get out of unless something REALLY good comes along.. sorta like a security blanket? Frustrated YES! Wishing i had a better paying job, YES. oh! Nate, Where've u been?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? do u still work there?! fill me in! Am I the last one there?

2) HOLLA!.. MAN!... I'd just walk up to her and be myself.. " Wasup Ma?, How u doin tonight? You know, u had my attention the minute you walked in the door. I just had to come over here and tell ya, you looking FINE! (hand on chest, licking lips) And ya know if you come home with me to tonight I'd have yo body bouncin like HYDROLICS! hahah!
seriously, I don't know how i would approach a girl, I've been out of the running for 2 1/2 yrs. so i'm clueless on how to do this.... but I guess i would just talk.. get to know the person.. no spitting game... just upfront friendship or kindness? does that still work?

3) I would be the lady from WILL AND GRACE... the one with the annoying voice... 1) she's funny as hell, 2) she's makes non-politcally correct jokes...3) she's protrayed as being a BiZzAtCh in a humerous way! .. I like the jokes because i can see myself saying something like that.. so yeah.... boring answers but yeah...

4) HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! This was a one time only thing... When Ira and I first got together, I forgot it was an aniversary... so after school, I was complaing about going to work.. so I had Ira call in for me... Well Ira being the smart ass he is.. called and jeanne picked up... he pretended to be my dad... My dad has a tendency to ramble on to people...especially if he's drunk.. anyways.. Ira tells jeanne that I had a stomach ache and couldn't make it in.. that was cool.. but he didn't stop there.. he went on to tell her that the reason why i couldnt call in was because I was stuck in the bathroom WITH THE SHITS and that he can hear me grunting from over there, and something about he didn't know what I ate to make me that way! so after that i was completely embarassed to face jeanne the next day. So does that count as a bad excuse?

5) I used to think about this alot when I was younger. I used to want my name to be no pun intended Crystle.. I think it was an early 90's thing.. everyones name was crystle.. i thought it was so pretty when compared to Jessica... But, now I've become so attached to my name I wouldnt know what to call myself other than Jessica Ihavealisp Munoz..=D

OH YEAH GUYS!!!!! I saw maria's mom today... She had asked me if I had gotten a letter from Maria yet.. She had just gotten her's.. She said that Maria lost the address book. Her mom looked so sad. Stephaine said her mom was crying in the car and all that. She also said that maria gave up on DIETING!!!. Something about when they eat it's the only time when shes at ease, so enjoy it?.. she also said that maria told her she doesn't want to be there anymore... she's homesick...and she's gotten in trouble already... so her mom wants us to comfort her... So guys write to her ASAP!!!!!!! I have the address, but i'm goiing to EMAIL that to everyone.. since i dontknow if its cool to post it up here for every internet user to see.... so yeah CHECK YOUR MAIL BOX!..

ok guys, ttyl... byebye
-Jessica [e] [b]
3:28 AM

Friday, February 14, 2003
happy valentine's day everyone. friday five goes to jessica.

1.)are you the only one who isn't frustrated with red robin?

2.)describe what it would be like to holla at a girl if you were a guy. what would you say and do?

3.)if you could play a role on television, what would you be on what show and why?

4.)what's the worst excuse you have used to call in sick?

5.)if you could pick your own name, what would it be? (first and last)
-Anonymous [e] [b]
2:48 AM

show a girl you really love her. bake cookies.
-Anonymous [e] [b]
1:22 AM

Tuesday, February 11, 2003
weekend update.

i'm sure everyone's got plans for friday. except me. damn. but if nothing else is going on this weekend, gilroy will be POPPIN'. sunday is my dad's birthday, all are invited. and yes, tequila shots will be served all night. and on monday (i'm sure everyone is off of school that day), remember that garage sale @ firl's that i mentioned a while back? it will take place monday afternoon. bring food, drinks, chairs and stuff you wanna sell. so you can stop putting your stuff up on ebay. sioreeBAY is in full effect. well just get back to me... i'll be in san jo on friday.
-Anonymous [e] [b]
10:56 PM

Jon- if you really can't get the room for's cool..just get it for the fam/friends discount...I just really need this room quick cuz i know you guys will be booked up soon...just incase you forgot i want the room for this thrusday and check out on sunday...yea? thanks jon..and give me a call at 6211965.
-Charlene [e] [b]
1:19 PM

'Tis my turn to rant, Jon....I WANT TO QUIT! Bleh...I dunno. Things are going odd for me nowadays. I've dropped a few classes this semester so I can work and help my little sister out in school. I've talked to the head honcho over here at Hampton and I'm gonna be working less in the summer so I can take my ass to summer school. Crazy, huh? It's kinda sad, actually....but lately, I've been feeling unlike myself. I've been moody as hell, tired, and sleepy all the time. I wonder what's going on. Well, pray for me's gonna be a tough Spring and Summer for me this year....
-Krissie [e] [b]
11:02 AM

Monday, February 10, 2003
Char, thanks for the talk... I think the best thing i can do is write it all down.... put in a letter.....

I totally jock AOL 8.0 ... im sorry but aol maybe shitty... but im totally diggin this radio thing they have going on!!!...

VALENTINES DAY? sucks ass! im sorry i have no motivation for that holiday... yeah i have a b/f...but uhhhh...lets just say... URGH!... so this valentines day i'll be in the company of the lovely red robin staff so if anyone wants to stop by and holla a lonely friend... drop by... alright guys im out.... byebye
-Jessica [e] [b]
10:44 PM

the dell dude got arrested today. cops found him with a bag o' weed on the streets. aint that a surprise?

char- i'll give him a call tomorrow. i can get a discount but i don't know with that 29.00 rate anymore. KRISSIE, fill me in on how to get that 29.00 rate. CHAR, we changed our rate plans now- family n friends are 49.00 n up. employees are 29.00 for reg rooms -39.00 bucks for king suites. so i'm not sure about hookin you up with the 29.00 rate- krissie- what da dealio? i'll have a hampton update manana.
-jayarea [e] [b]
9:26 PM

Here i am at the clinic..waiting for some of the patients to arrive. My statistics hw is due tomorrow..yikes!!!! Work today @RR @ 4pm..errr why can't i just be a server now so i could make some money for GAS!! Gas is so freakin' expensive's what?! 1.85 per gallon at chevron..just for the regular is that? o0o0oh well...

Jon- Don't forget to ask frank..=) how was your telly party by the way?
-Charlene [e] [b]
9:54 AM

What we all need is to just leave this place. and retreat to a better place we all know and love for one weekend. I did just that, my place is Loyola Marymount University where i spent this past weekend. I saw so many old friends, surprised most of them while they were still sleeping on a sat morning and went to a formal and basically drank from 4pm - 4am.
here are pics from the formal.

i escorted this lovely lady, cathy.

and here are pics from the after party/ bday party.

These were the juniors i lived with my first semester freshman year.
-mdauz [e] [b]
8:43 AM

Sunday, February 09, 2003
we need shit.
since raymond left, no one was aware about the shit he buys at costco.
we ran out of:
coffee cups
FOOD for the breakfast
butter for bread

on top of that we got the:
treadmill broken- an electrician said it was just the fuse
for rooms 304/204/104- their toilets are clogged since they all run on one pipe.
coffee maker wont make warm coffee.

-mike is leaving the hampton family due to school reasons. we gotta find some front desk people quick which leads to us training they asses- i have to sacrifice a valentines day AUDIT [11pm-7am]. guess i will be valentineLess. =/

...basically everything is a mess. i've been working here all weekend and frank isn't paying much attention to our supplies and machinery. he is just focusing on the 100% satisfaction guarantee. i want to quit.
-jayarea [e] [b]
8:02 AM

i just realized that the only time i ever eat popcorn that i have only eaten popcorn when i am at the movies. never at home, school, or anything like that. so whenever i eat popcorn, it reminds me of being in a movie theater. dark. cold. pitch black. surrounded by dialogue. and doing my thang. hmm...
-Anonymous [e] [b]
3:09 AM