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Saturday, January 25, 2003
haha char that shit was hella funny! homer is the greatest cartoon ever! remember this one part...
homer: " we'll get sherlock holmes to investegate."
ned: "umm homer... sherlock holmes is a character."
homer: "hahah he sure is a character."
ok maybe that was jes funny to me but watever. i finally got some sleep from yesterday nites extravaganza.... my body has recovered. sooOOoo, wats crackin guys?
-jonathan [e] [b]
9:00 PM

Char, char, was Portland? But yeah...even reading about beer, alcohol, or anything remotely of the like gets my stomach going like a rollercoaster. I'm serious, guys...from now on, it's good, clean, SOBER fun for me from now on. Either that, or I'm sticking to 1-2 Smirnoff Ices at the MOST. I dunno. I really think I'm done with it now...could this be true? Hehe...awwwww, man, there's another party going on at Jason B's apt tonight and my friend JT (who was here last night) wants me to go...round 2? Hellllll nah....I'll pass this time...
-Krissie [e] [b]
8:09 PM

Hey everyone! who watches simpsons??? well i was reading something in the newspaper while i was up in portland...and there's this song that Homer simpson made up with the melody of "doh a deer...a female deer, ray a drop of golden sun" so guys SING THIS WITH ME!!

Doh- the stuff that buys me beer
Ray- The guy that sells me beer
Me- Myself that drinks the beer
Fah- the distace to my beer
So- I think i'll have a beer
La- la la la la la laaaaaaa
Te- No thanks! i'm having beer
That will bring us back to "Do0o0o0o0oh"
-Charlene [e] [b]
6:59 PM

hey everyone..i'm back!! WTF happened this weekend?? someone clue me in!!! hehehe
-Charlene [e] [b]
4:54 PM

hahaha... no one knows the whole story of last night!! hahah lets think... who wasnt fucked up... ah yes the SAINT aka mike. i shall ask him for details.
-jonathan [e] [b]
2:58 PM

WTF happenned last nite! Sorry guys, but i have a three hour gap to fill in...I agree with Krissie about this whole staying away from alcohol thing...well, i kinda have no choice, but even if i did, i seriously don't think i'll be up for drinking in a very long time...Sorry to everyone for the stress...i know my limits, it just happens that last nite i didn't really care much for them...
-Isabel [e] [b]
2:32 PM

Well....I guess it's my turn to add my spin on last night's events. For some reason, I found myself feeling extremely bad and responsible for a lot of the bad things that happened. I dunno why, but I just did. To be honest, last night was pretty much a blur for me, but I do remember a few things, and those things were just wacky. I've never had a night like this, but I think I'm gonna be staying away from the alcohol for awhile. I don't really like the person I am when I'm drunk and for whatever bullshit came from my mouth, I apologize. Ya'll are my best friends and nobody...not even a guy....will ever change that..*hint hint*. And Mike....thanks. I'll write more in my diary
-Krissie [e] [b]
2:22 PM

I guess we had one of those WTF JUST HAPPENED?!?!? NIGHTS... hmmm... since there was already too much said about the "VIDEO". I ask just this one thing of you.... Please do not show anyone this.. and of everyone who has seen it.. please don't say anything about this...Things could get really bad really fast.. for me atleast.... so please guys just please keep it between the sioreemode and no one else..PLEASE!!! it'd mean so much to me... But I guess in another three months we can do it again!... just please no YACKING!!!!!!!!! hold it in~! hahaha rookies?!?!?!? ooooooh b2k is on!!! gotta go!...byebye
-Jessica [e] [b]
1:03 PM

must....stay......up.. ... eyelids....are .....getting.....heavy. fuck this im going to sleep in the chair..peace
-jayarea [e] [b]
11:45 AM

wow... crazy is the word of the night. man i hope all u guys r ok. tonite was rough for all of us. hey we succeeded in our goal tho right? we got fucked up beyond all recognition. more later....
-jonathan [e] [b]
11:39 AM

so i'm working my ass off right now trying to set up the meeting room for 40 people; complete with the continental breakfast. i have to do a head count then charge they asses 5.99 per person. i am probably blogging when everyone right now is sleeping in their cozy little beds. lucky asses. i have to wait till 3 ...7 more hours till i can crash and call it a night during the day. last night was full of action. ill continue this later- i'm kinda dozing off now, sitting comfortably on a chair. i must get up and dance or something. peace
-jayarea [e] [b]
7:45 AM

i have to watch this tape. i don't remember jack shit.
-Anonymous [e] [b]
6:40 AM

Aight let me be the first to start this shit off straight about what happened last night. Since i was one of the few that was able to handle his fucking liquor. I ain't tryin to hate on anyone. but i video taped all that shit. so now everyone knows their limit. even those who say they were coo. i ain't namin names. I want to thank jon patalot and jessica (mexican last name) for helping me clean up krissie's house. To those unnamed i hope you learned from this experience. the stress placed upon others that were new to sioreemode, the guy's from SJSU, and their ability to assist in cleaning up.
Birthday Girl: Ain't my place to talk, but you don't deserve to cry on your birthday, for any reason unknown. I usually keep quiet about these things, but im going to risk it and say you deserve better, and all those other cliche's. Just think of what makes you happy, and try to weigh that over of what makes you sad. You just deserve to be happy and nothing else.
The beginning was fun and i tell you nothing on that tape will be released to anyone else. Hopefully this was a learning experience for all, know your limit, don't let ur pride take over. i still have love for you all. fo sho..
-mdauz [e] [b]
4:22 AM

Friday, January 24, 2003
All i have have to say is: at least they won't be tall MEN mean drill instructors. Before i get too caught up on my last minute activities, here are my answers to the questions:

1. Before i answer this question, let me remind everyone that i grew up in Bolivia, where corporal punishment, was, and still is OK. My grandma had this whip, an actual three chord whip made out of leather. For a the most part it only served as a threat and i never got to actually experience it. Until one day i tilted a table and broke two coasters and a plant pot. That was the day i got to experience the power of the whip, which thankfully was never used on me this day.

2. Making the choice to come to the US. For most of my childhood, my grandparents were really overprotective of me and i grew up as a very spoiled child who got everything she wanted every Christmas and even throughout the year. From day one of living with my mom, things changed drastically. I was no longer the onlly child, and i was definately far from being the favorite. But this change taught me to be more independent and to workfor the things i wanted. I became more responsible and learned to see life the way it was, not the way i hoped it would be.

3. Out of the eight of us? Mmm, for how long? Well, i think i've pretty much been stuck with everyone at one time or another...but i would say Nate because my head would hurt from all the deep thinking and life-analization we would do out of boredom.

4. Number One: I am willing and able to make my own decisions, don't try to influence me.

Number Two: While i'm not the romantic type, i still like old-fashioned gestures like opening doors and flowers, hey! I AM a girl after all...

Number Three The quality i appreciate the most in a guy is HONESTY, i would love for a guy to understand that.

BONUS: I'm a damn good kisser, haha.

5. To answer this i will have to resort to a widely know line used in a Tampax commercial: "It just feels like i'm wearing a diaper!".

-Isabel [e] [b]
1:39 PM

friday five is going to maria this week. everyone wish her luck. in a few days really tall and mean drill instructors will be yelling in her face.

1.)what was the worst punishment you had as a child?

2.)name an event that has changed your perspective on life.

3.)who would you hate to be stuck alone in a room with?

4.)name three things your potential boyfriend should know and understand about you.

5.)why tampons? why not pads?

-Anonymous [e] [b]
12:06 AM

Thursday, January 23, 2003
Char: Hurry back girl!! I miss ya!! Wanna be my date for the formal? haha, i wanna go just so i have an excuse to buy a new dress...if not, we can always take the alternative and attend all the after-parties that i'm sure will be going down...So what's going on this friday? Is it finally gonna happen? Are all eight of us gonna be able to party together? Wow, i hope it works out cause then it will be a once in a lifetime least an event that won't take place again for a very long time...Anyway...Nate: Tell Geoffrey that braces or no braces, i'll still try to holla!! hehe, just kiddin...
-Isabel [e] [b]
3:13 PM

I'll be home tomorrow night guys...let's party?! awwwww're leaving soon!!! ahhh...Happy belated bday ya!
Nate and jess: i won't be attending the stupid formal...i want to party with maria...hehehe
-Charlene [e] [b]
2:01 PM

Hey guys...Maria's here at the hotel and she says WSSSUUUUUPPPPP. We're trying to discuss what's gonna go down for the weekend and whatnot...let's party! Hit me up if ya'll have any plans...peace out-side!
-Krissie [e] [b]
1:39 PM

this is my cousin geoffrey. he is getting braces tomorrow. please keep him in your prayers.
-Anonymous [e] [b]
1:27 AM

Wednesday, January 22, 2003
free money. do i have your attention yet?
hey mike, i've never tried it before but it sounds like it might work. here's how to jack the quarter machine at your local laundromat. take two crisp one dollar bills and find a way to glue them together. double sided tape might work best. put the dollar bills together with the g washington side facing out and make sure they are perfectly glued together so that the edges line up. so now you have a double sided dollar bill. put the dollar in the machine. the top readers in the machine will read the dollar bill and spit out four quarters, but the bottom readers in the machine will reject the dollar bill since it's reading the washington side, so the bill will come out. repeat as needed. hopefully that helps. it won't reduce your debt, but it'll help you get some clean clothes if you're ever short on cash. i'll see everyone on friday. peace out and i'm off like a prom dress.
-Anonymous [e] [b]
11:20 PM

dammit mike, if it weren't for those eBay ps2 games, the rabbit hole wouldnt have gone any deeper. lets make a deal. since you must find a job- and study on school, i'll help you financially by selling me your ps2! @ a reasonable price- although your loving mom gave that too you, it wouldn't be a problem if the situation was to make you financially UN negative.
-jayarea [e] [b]
7:21 PM

so school has finally started for us SJSUers. as of right now i am typing away at our beloved third story of the student union, "the ONION" as we like to call it, just kicking back and resting after a full day of running around from one side of the campus to the other and back again. note to future self: never add classes the first day of school... it causes stress and a bad back.

yes. this weekend will become one never to forget. guranteed none of us will see any sleep for days. its just gonna be party party party till we collapse. whAwHOo!
-jonathan [e] [b]
2:11 PM

Ok its official not only do i not have any money but i have negative money. I really need to get school schedule organized so i can get a job.

-mdauz [e] [b]
10:40 AM

In my defense that is not lotion. that is cetaphil face wash. and also since we are one the subject, i do not use lotion, im a skin to skin kind of guy.
Its weird having food, its like now i still dont' eat! i just stand in front of the fridge looking at all my choices and im like too lazy to make a choice so i end up just drinking water and sitting down. But i finally had made my choice and then I realized last night. that one healthy choice tv dinner is not enough. i had to eat two in order to be semi-full. next time im getting those hungry man dinners that has 1lb of food.

krissie: happy Birthday to you. happy Birthday to you. happy Birthday dear krissie. happy Birthday to you.
since i can't sing to save my life, ill just type sing.

Peoples: this friday. we needs to party hard and get FUBARed (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition) since colleen and marlene will be the guests of sioreemode member's nate magat and mike dauz. Also, it will be the farewell party for our favorite Bolivian, Maria. Last but not least day 1 of 3 for Krissie's nonstop bday weekend. (can we have a repeat of last week's extravegant parties?)
-mdauz [e] [b]
8:11 AM

if you look closely at mikes table of food, next to the a1 sauce is a bottle of lotion. all of a sudden i don't trust mike's cooking.
-Anonymous [e] [b]
1:26 AM

got my hands dirrty in the kitchen at school today. the kitchen is divided in 20 stations, ranging from pasta chef to garde manger to bread baker. my station for the next few days is the pie baker. oh yes...pies. easy right? we run the cafeteria at city college, so i'm not just baking one pie, i'm baking many. the recipe we follow to bake pies here is called the 3-2-1 pie. 3 pounds flour. 2 pounds shortening. 1 pound water. that equals LOTS of dough. although we cooked plenty of food today, none of it was for sale. food service starts tomorrow. let's hope someone will buy my warm apple pies. would YOU buy one?
-Anonymous [e] [b]
1:21 AM

Tuesday, January 21, 2003
hampton - san jose - working at the hampton can be a real pain in the ass, bored as hell watching the clock tick n tock, or go by hella quick. well i experienced 'the stress my ass off' today. we are about 90% filled. the internet was down for about an hour- and so i got a..*ok johanna just walked in- she's the new night auditor- latina, tall, shes not ugly, about 5'6 and around 20ish-*...handful of calls, a phone on each ear, trying to check-in the people that were waiting for a while. the line was practically like club diesel but these weren't asian drunk folkas- just unpatient white business men....i need a smoke
-jayarea [e] [b]
10:57 PM

Mmm....Mike, that's some good food. My tummy is growling as we speak. Well, I'm at the Hampton....eagerly waiting Jon's arrival, so I can speed on outta here. yeah, Stone Cold is coming back soon...woo-hoo!
-Krissie [e] [b]
3:13 PM

*woot woot* mike you got food!!! hahahaha...KERNS is the best...hey! you forgot to get CHIPS hahaha...
-Charlene [e] [b]
11:37 AM

wow. that is a feast mike! your living like a king. complete with spam lite and bagel bites. mmm... so, when can we all stop by and um *cough raid your food cough*
-jonathan [e] [b]
8:37 AM

yes. what you are seeing is food. real food. food in my apartment food. food for me to eat. i love my mom. i love food. but i will never forget my time with spam and corn and rice and a1 sauce and the occasional top ramen.

i went snowboarding and totally miscalculated the jump. and landed on ass. sliding into a tree and fucked up my wrist and knee.

then i finally got it right. but my digital camera sucks , and delays like a mofo.

it don't matter. i have fooooooood!
-mdauz [e] [b]
1:31 AM

Monday, January 20, 2003
yo char, remember to get me something MORE than a key chain...perhaps, two key chains? thanks
-jayarea [e] [b]
3:26 PM

Congratulations Char! You made it! Can someone explain to me the whole green thumb, rubber glove thing? There were some things about that nite that i just didn't understand...
-Isabel [e] [b]
1:17 PM

i'm at portland guys!!! woot woot
-Charlene [e] [b]
11:37 AM

During lecture. my teacher is talking and im just surfing the net and making all you these awesome picture pages.. Jobs that suck and natural sexual healing . thats it for now.

beware of the 2 man (1 guy 1 girl) green thumb army!
-mdauz [e] [b]
8:57 AM

Well, it seems i had that WTF!! thing going on this morning when i woke up at 11:30AM!!!!! when i had to be at work at 10:30AM!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN!!!! I WAS TWO HOURS LATE TO WORK TODAY!!! I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!... MAN! alright... well i was very amazed that KRISPY KREME.. HAS A DRIVE THRU WINDOW!!!!!!... I WAS LIKE WHOOOOOOOOA!!!!!.... well today was the first time i ever went to krispy kreme the actual place... weird.... but yeah... DRIVE THRU WINDOW!!! CRAZY LIKE WHOA!... HAHA ok.. RUBBER GLOVES!!! HAHAHA GREEN THUMBS!!! HA.. ok well, im out... byebye
-Jessica [e] [b]
1:07 AM

Sunday, January 19, 2003
"what the fuck just happened" so says neptunes. what the fuck just happened this weekend? pre-party for char's bday without char at my apartment on thrusday, diesel friday, and then a night at nate's where all i have to say is. 'what the fuck just happened' . ka-dunk. then for some odd reason i decide to drive home close my eyes for ten minutes then friend picks me up and i go snowboarding. wtf just happened. i can't feel my legs so sore.

Tomorrow night i go grocery shopping! its going to be the best night of my life, safeway will never be the same. im going to stock up on cereal and snacks and meat. but what i do need quaters. im out of boxers, socks and clean shirts, it was amazing i dressed myself up for that club thing. thats all

happy birthday to char and pre-happy birthday to krissie and friday night im ready to get in the mode of 'what the fuck just happened'
-mdauz [e] [b]
11:09 PM

Wow, Nate...that was one dope-ass convo you Well guys, Diesel was fun, I have to admit. But it was too bad that none of you guys were around to kick the ass of my so-called "friend" Viet who had the nerve to pinch my ass...fuckin' asshole. He said, "I don't care if you ever have a boyfriend, you know where to reach me"...ummm, (in a Cali girl accent) "WHATEVER?!" *flips hair* Well, happppppy birthday Char-Char!! You know I love you soooo much! Well guys, it's my turn big bday celebration for me though. Probably just dinner with B and my parents on Wednesday, clubbing with Em on Thursday, and maybe a get-together on Friday night. If anyone wants to fill in those blanks though, I'm pretty much down..just let me know...later, wankstas!
-Krissie [e] [b]
4:50 PM

jon saved a conversation crys and i had a few hours ago. the only thing i can say is... "damn. what the fuck did i just say."

Chef Pleasure: hi cyustla i ca nm o co gca;; t yopu rightnowl
Chef Pleasure: tusjilal i'm osy hsos ryottry
Chef Pleasure: sreiitously i'nm wanna be wour friedn
Chef Pleasure: iim''s o sorryh
Projekt nErd: wtf is wrong with u
Projekt nErd: are u drunk
Chef Pleasure: im solr sorryh
Chef Pleasure: i knwol i had bap;kbn fopr your birthdahy
Chef Pleasure: we were sipposed tyo go teh the stirpclub
Chef Pleasure: i wanted to ttake tou
Chef Pleasure: iom so sorrh
Chef Pleasure: cyrhtslll i wish oyu canoull ne here idrht now]
Chef Pleasure: ahpy birthdahy
Chef Pleasure: ims os oryh
Chef Pleasure: iii hopeyoui t habing wi a agitod today with dannay
Chef Pleasure: iim soooooo soruh
Chef Pleasure: hh
Chef Pleasure: histk your vgfikbrthda yh how lidknhieeeeeee doytu spehnd it
Chef Pleasure: iadk you habver o;udjn tyodlay
Chef Pleasure: ruarrpe
Projekt nErd signed off at 2:33:17 AM.

by the way, today is crystal's birthday. happy nineteenth. heh.
-Anonymous [e] [b]
4:01 AM

was this a good idea... head dunked in the toilet and there are rubber gloves all over the house. rubber gloves... what... the.. fuck... the bagel dog we got from firls house helped a little bit. i'm still not in my right state of mind. some one help me. i will come back tomorrow.
-Anonymous [e] [b]
3:55 AM

once again i ask.. one two three. what did you do thursday. and she sits and goes. huh? char was there in spirit she says. now i can't even speak normal english. in gilroy bout to drrrrrive to san jose to get my car. then to emeryville to meet my friend then to tahoe to snowboard. and i thought i was broke.. snowboarding is more important that eating. am i correct? yes i am correct. i can't think. so i will leave this word of advice. keep your eyes open and pay attention. shits right in front of you and if ur oblivious to them then u'll get burned. damn right in front of you. stupid me.
-mdauz [e] [b]
2:00 AM

WAZZZZZZZZZZZUP!!!!!! Well, it's me JESSICA!!!!... bloggin from nate's room... well now im pretty much sobered up... so yeah it was a bomb ass night!!.. TWISTER!, OUR TRIBAL DANCE!, GREEN THUMBS!!!!!!!! HAHHAHA ... oh yeah we did HEAR THAT FLOW!!!!... my fingers are dusty.. my hair is crappy... maria's passed out... mike is talking... nate's eyes aren't open... so yeah im gonna end it here ... and try to drive home with a pair of JACKED UP GLASSES... ALL THANKS TO MARIA SMASHING THEM BETWEEN HER ASS!... aiiiiight... im out... byebyebye
-Jessica [e] [b]
1:55 AM